Nicole Katano's work is evocative, meditative, intuitive and a feast for the senses. Each image tells a story filled with impending possibility and reveals the unspoken, unexpressed essence of its subject. The viewer feels a sense of the moment's internal landscape in the delicate, understated vision present in her images. 

"It's the tiny, almost imperceptible variations I see. Things that other people might easily dismiss or overlook loom large to me. It is as thought there is something---an energy; a quality of experience; an unspoken emotion---that is asking to come into form. I shoot what satisfies my eye and my soul."

Nicole's special gifts lie in capturing the emotional nature of the human experience, creating a mood, and highlighting the fleeting and subtle moments of life.

Nicole served on the Board of Directors of Advertising Photographers of America (now American Photographic Artists), Los Angeles Chapter, APA-LA, for three years. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, and her Master of Arts in Ceramics from San Francisco State University. In addition to her fine art and commercial work, Nicole also directs film and video.